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Demi Lovato Goes Promoting in Madrid

She’s watched her star quickly rise over the past year, and earlier today (April 20) Demi Lovato was spotted at the new Disney TV and Music Season photo call at the Disney Channel building in Madrid, Spain.

The “Camp Rock” hottie was all smiles as she greeted fans and press, sporting a beige jacket overtop a beige and black dress with two-tone beige shoes.

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ANTM Cycle 12’s SPOILERS!!!

Alright, before anything here heats up. I would like you guys to know that if you don’t wanna read or know the upcoming episodes AHEAD of the official episode of ANTM’s week episode, then better not read! If you think that these spoilers sucks, then PLEASE DO NOT READ THE SPOILERS BELOW!!!

Disclaimer: We take no credit for any of the spoilers that you may read below. We do not have any relations with ANTM or CW(the home channel of ANTM), meaning, what we post here have nothing to do with ANTM or CW, it’s just US posting it and not necessarily been pushed by any of their staff or any person or fan of the show. We, do not take any copyright of what we write about ANTM. The stories or facts which we gather came from a forum or someone who is willing to share their thoughts/ideas or news to the public. Again, we do not take any credit to any of the spoilers below.

Now guys, really, I am serious. If you don’t want to ruin or mess with your ANTM’s excitement, DO NOT READ THE SPOILERS!!!
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Miley Cyrus pampers herself with her mother

Spending her free time in Los Angeles, Miley Cyrus spent her Saturday afternoon (April 18) getting pampered alongside her mother, Leticia “Tish” Cyrus.

The “Hannah Montana” starlet and her mom first dropped by Nail Garden for manicures before working on their complexions with a stop at Sunlounge Tanning. Now, that’s what I really like when you have the money and a day without work!

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Miley Cyrus’ Fitness Friday

Talking to someone on her her cell phone, Miley Cyrus was all smiles as she left a Pilates class in Toluca Lake, California on Friday morning (April 17).

Passing by awaiting paparazzi, the “Hannah Montana” starlet quickly hopped into the passenger seat of an awaiting car – showing off her big diamond promise ring along the way. What could the ring possibly means? Or is it just her (again) style of making herself be the talk of the town.
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America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12 Episode 9

So far, here are the updates I found through the help of our lovely Youtube. I had a hard time downloading and uploading the updates in torrents that’s why I have to look for some other uploaded videos on the internet. Lucky me, I found one!

Now here’s a very short summary of episode 9.

The girls are going to be creative directors! Find out who made spills over their creativeness, and watch out for the scenes where Aminat and Natalie are going to work on together (oh my gosh! isn’t that wonderful?). Oh, and did Tiyana really slapped Fo on her face? Yearning for more? Then you’d better watch the videos below.
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Hilary Duff, Pregnant?

How true that the former Lizzie McGuire starlet is now pregnant?
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How to improve your Page Rank!

Does improving your page rank, increase sales? Maybe. Probably. Every business/website owner should understand the significance of page rank to their business. When you have a business website, you want people to visit it. The best way to ensure this is to have your site listed at least on the first page of the search results for a specific keyword. When a search engine is performing a search on a topic it looks at several things to determine how high the page will show up. (Keep in mind that search engines can change what they deem important at any time.) The search engine is looking at how popular the site is, meaning how many people have visited it. It looks at whether the site is truly relevant to the keywords that it is listed under and if it has some good content on it. And it looks to see if other sites are linking to it. Most of the time, a page with a higher ranking will list higher.
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Now that ATMN finally revealed their 13 goddesses. Some issues are left uncleaned, does the fight between Sandra and Angelea really over? Or is it just the beginning of Sandra’s wrath to take over the girls emotions and concentration? And the big Question is, who among these girls are gonna make it on top?
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America’s Next Top Model;Needs a shorter height!

ANTM’s next cycle 13 will be requiring to cut off its height requirement, from 5’7 – the minimum to being 5’7 its maximum, meaning they will only accept those heights below 5’7 and shorter!

Tyra Banks surprises her show’s studio audience when she announces that the next cycle of America’s Next Top Model will be for petite girls who are 5’7″ and shorter. Oh, does that mean that they are willing to accept those that are height’s 5’0″ or 4’11”?
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